More than 650 species of birds permanently live in this unique natural paradise – more species than in the whole of Europe. From March around 120 species migrate here to breed. You will have the opportunity to listen to the delightful birdsongs and observe the many splendid species.

DAY 1: Campo Grande - Pantanal of Abobral: Jeep safari + walk – farm stay:

   Take the bus from Campo Grande bus station (07:15 bus) till the Pantanal. The journey will last about 5.5 hours by public bus. Once you arrive to the Pantanal, drive to the farm (another 2 hours) slowly, taking pictures along the way of animals, birds and the landscape. Arrive to the farm. Check-in. Go for a short evening walk to see as many birds as you can and to get to know the surroudings. Dinner. Relax. Sleep.
   On this day, (depending on each season) it is possible to see birds such as: storks, herons, hawks, vultures, thrushes, chachalacas,, woodpeckers, flycatchers, toucans and parakeets. Mammals such as: deer, wild pigs, coatis, capibaras, monkeys and even a jaguar or ocelot, if you are lucky! Also bugs, insects and amphibians.
  Activities include: jeep safari arrival + short walk in the farm + birdwatching + contemplation.

DAY 2: A day at the farm + walking and birdwatching:

   After breakfast, go for a walk around the farm and forest in search of more birds and all the while appreciating the landscape and formation of the Pantanal. Be amazed by the variety and colours of birds you will see. Lunch at the farm.
   After lunch, another walk OR if you want to have a rest and relax around the farm then you are more than welcome too.
  On this day, it is possible to see birds such as: storks, ducks, herons, skimmers, guans, hawks, vultures, kites, thrushes, chachalacas, ovenbirds, anhumas, owls, woodpeckers, woodcreepers, flycatchers, American Rheas, toucans, parrots, parakeets and many more.
Activities include: walking in the forest in the morning and the afternoon, photography and birdwatching.  (Optional activities: of horseriding or a jeep safari around the farm are possible to organize too, instead of a walk).

   DAY 3: Leave the farm – go to the lodge, afternoon boat trip:

   After breakfast, make the check-out from the farm. Be driven back towards the lodge which is located near the Miranda River. Check-in and go for a walk in the surroundings to spot different types of birds. Lunch.
  After lunch and a rest, do an afternoon boat trip along the Miranda River where you can get an idea of the fluvial landscape of the Pantanal and appreciate a lovely sunset. Dinner back at the lodge. Sleeping.
   On this day, it is possible to see mammals along the shore of the river, such as capybaras, caimans, howler monkeys, giant otters and even the illusive jaguar, if you are lucky! Birds such as: storks, egrets, herons, hawks, kingfishers, flycatchers.
Activities include: morning walk at the lodge + afternoon motor boat riding, contemplation and birdwatching.

DAY 4: Pantanal of Abobral - boat trip with walk:

  After breakfast, do a motor boat trip along the Rivers Miranda and Vermelho (Red River) to see different types of birds and even bird nests. Go for a walk in the forest on this day to appreciate various bird sounds and landscapes.

Lunch back at the lodge. After lunch, and a rest, go for an afternoon boat trip whilst learning more and more about the birds and wildlife of the Pantanal.  On this day, it is possible to see birds such as: storks, herons, skimmers, guans, hawks, vultures, thrushes, anhingas and many more.
Activities include: motor boat riding, contemplation, walking in the forest and birdwatching.

DAY 5: Check-out from the lodge - Campo Grande:

   After breakfast, make your check-out - pay for drinks or souvenirs. Take the 08:40 bus back to Campo Grande (other destinations include: Bonito, Miranda or Corumbá, bus times vary).


  • 2 nights at a farm in the Pantanal of Abobral, room with ac, fullboard meals (buffet style/ self-service), hammock area, free walking space around the farm.
  • 1 jeep safari along the Estrada Parque + walking in the farm + birdwatching.
  • 1 morning walk and 1 afternoon walk around the farm + birdwatching + contemplation.
  • 2 nights at a lodge in the Pantanal of Abobral, room with ac, fullboard meals (buffet style/ self-service),Wifi (at the main area only), use of walkway around the lodge.
  • 1 morning walk around the lodge + birdwatching.
  • 1 afternoon boat trip + gasoline + boat hire + birdwatching + contemplation.
  • 1 full day boat trip + gasoline + boat hire + birdwatching + contemplation + wildlife spotting + swimming in the river (if you wish) + walking in the forest.
  • An English speaking guide in the Pantanal (from our company).


   Grande bus station - Buraco das Piranhas (bus stop in the Pantanal) – lodge & farm in the Pantanal of Abobral – Buraco das Piranhas - Campo Grande bus station.


  • Taxi ride to/from the airport/hotel to the bus station in Campo Grande on DAYs 1 and 5.
  • Lunch on DAY 1 (have lunch in Miranda, please).
  • Private car transport IN/OUT of the Pantanal (Possible to organize).
  • Nocturnal activity during rain season (November - February).
  • Sportive fishing in the Pantanal since we do not believe it to be an eco-friendly activity.
  • Horseriding (on DAYs 1 + 2). [Possible to organize.]
  • Jeep safari within the farm  (on DAYs 1 + 2). [Possible to organize.]
  • Kayaking/canoing on the days of the boat trip (on DAYs 3 + 4). [Possible to organize.]
  • Morning activities on DAY 1.
  • Morning activity on DAY 5.
  • Bebidas consumidas: álcool, refrigerantes, água mineral (pagar conforme consumo)
  • Beverages consumed: alcohol, soft drinks, mineral water (PAY ACCORDINGLY)
  • Personal expenses: laundry, souvenirs, phone calls etc. (PAY ACCORDINGLY)
  • Travel insurance.
  • Accommodation/activities in Campo Grande/Bonito.

Any other tour or programme NOT mentioned above.

We are not responsible for public bus time delays.